ROE 53

ROE 53 Alternative Education Programs

110 Fandel Road
Germantown Hills, Illinois  61548

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​ROE53 Alternative Education Programs

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a safe and positive learning environment that will improve students' social, behavioral, and academic success. Our programs provide opportunities for growth through individualized teaching, mentoring, and support. By focusing on respect, communication, and mindfulness, it is our hope for students that they leave our doors with a better understanding of the world around them, the tools necessary to achieve their goals and dreams, and be positive leaders in their communities.

Ms. Julie Grant Director of Alternative Education Programs

                                                         Individual Counseling
Ms. Grant is a Certified School Social Worker.  She provides individual counseling to all students at their request.  Students with social work or counseling minutes in their IEPs may also access this service on a regular basis.  Collaboration with home district IEP teams and staff may also occur in order to meet these needs.
                                     Community Referrals and Resources
Ms. Grant provides students and parents with community resource information as needed.  Collaboration with probation officers, therapists, and other community providers also occurs at a parent’s request.

                                                                                         Mentoring/ Monitoring
Staff at the ROE53 Alternative Programs are very invested in the success of each and every student.  In addition to providing academic support, teachers often mentor students in various aspects of their lives.  Ms. Grant meets with each student regularly and provides guidance and support in any area the students deem necessary.  Students are often found mentoring other students with academics, social skills, and problem solving.

                                                                                                   IEP services
Some students who qualify for Special Education Services are eligible to attend the Regional Safe School.  Services are provided by various RSS staff in conjunction with the IEP teams from the referring schools.  However, the Academy does not accommodate students with IEP’s.