ROE 53

ROE 53 Alternative Education Programs

110 Fandel Road
Germantown Hills, Illinois  61548

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​ROE53 Alternative Education Programs

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a safe and positive learning environment that will improve students' social, behavioral, and academic success. Our programs provide opportunities for growth through individualized teaching, mentoring, and support. By focusing on respect, communication, and mindfulness, it is our hope for students that they leave our doors with a better understanding of the world around them, the tools necessary to achieve their goals and dreams, and be positive leaders in their communities.

Our Amazing Teachers 

Ms. Tanya Zerbonia

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • General Mathematics
  • Biological Science
  • Earth Science
  • Chemistry Science
  • Physical Science

 Miss Tanya Zerbonia teaches math and science at ROE53 Safe School and Academy.  She attended University of Illinois for her first Undergraduate degree and Illinois State University for her second Undergraduate degree.  Her favorite subjects are Chemistry, Forensic Science and Math.  While she doesn’t have a favorite book, she does have some favorite authors:  Stephen King, Kathryn Reichs, and Dan Brown.  She has 3 cats: Fat Tony, Cleo and Tavi.  In her spare time, she likes to travel.  She has been to Europe numerous times as well as Central America and South Africa. She spent one summer backpacking around Europe and spent a week on a Greek Island.  Tanya loves to cook (and eat!)  Her favorite thing about teaching at the Safe School is the small number of students; she feels like you get to know the students well.  Her philosophy about working with the students is to treat them with respect so that they will treat her with respect.  She also likes the students to see that she is a hard worker so that they will be motivated to be hard workers as well.

Ms. Jennie Smith
English/Language Arts

  • Classics

  • English and Literature

​        Language Arts

  • Innovative Projects

  • Reading Comprehension

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Ms. Jennie Smith is a 2004 graduate of Bradley University and has been working in schools since.  She has been here with the ROE53 Safe School and Academy since 2012.  She loves teaching and doing special projects with our students.  She believes students learn best using a number of learning styles. Her projects have elements of kinesthetic, spatial and linguistic learning; this helps with retention of concepts.  She has many hobbies outside school including sports, traveling as much as possible, reading, and Harry Potter.  She especially likes watching football, and it is a goal of hers to visit every NFL stadium in her travels.

Ms. Amanda Webb
Social Studies/History

  • United States Government
  • World History
  • World Geography
  • United States History
  • Junior High Social Studies
  • Economics

Ms. Amanda Webb teaches social studies, history and Coop education here at the ROE53 Safe School and Academy.  She graduated from the University of Illinois at Springfield and is a veteran teacher of nineteen years.  A favorite among our students she includes fun hands on activities into her daily assignments.  Ms. Webb is a busy wife and mother of two children.  She still manages to find time to do the things she enjoys.  She loves to hunt, camp, hike and explore the great outdoors.

Buster/Certified Therapy Dog
Heading 1

  • Playing Ball

​        Offering Support

  • Unconditional Love

  • Making Everyone Happy


                                                                         Buster’s Bio
Buster is the most valued staff member to many of the students at the ROE 53 Alternative Education Programs.  He is often found playing ball with the students, delivering messages for the office, or loving anyone who walks through the doors.  Buster is a six year old standard poodle and a certified service dog for therapy.  Buster does not come to school every day on account of his many responsibilities outside of the school, but working here is his favorite.

Ms. Jessica Lennington

Ms. Lennington teaches the computer based curriculum for high school students on Edgunuity.  Edgenuity is a great way for students to finish there credits to recieve their High School Diploma.

Physical Education teacher

Ms. Jessica Lennington is our teacher in the Academy.  She graduated from Bradley University.  She then taught for three years before taking time off to raise her family.  This is her second year teaching at the ROE53 Academy.  She is a busy wife and  mother of four children.  When not at school she is involved with her children's many activities.  When she gets some alone time she likes to read, bake, knit and hike.  She also enjoys her annual trips to Naples, Florida and Colorado.